Design Great Emails

Design Great Emails
Learn how to use the Email Template Editor to make great emails

Course Outline

Design Great Emails

  1. About this Course

Email Design Basics

  1. Anatomy of an Email
  2. Preview Text
  3. Header Bar
  4. Body
  5. Footer
  6. Example Email Template
  7. Check your knowledge

The Email Template Editor

  1. Email Template Editor Overview
  2. Demonstration Scenario
  3. Template Styles
  4. Template Styles Demo
  5. Text Block
  6. Text Block Demo
  7. Header/Link Bar Block
  8. Header/Link Bar Block Demo
  9. Pop Quiz!
  10. Body Blocks
  11. Body Blocks Demo
  12. Product Block
  13. Product Block Demo
  14. Social Block
  15. Social Block Demo
  16. Tips to Build Emails Faster
  17. Email Design Best Practices
  18. Check your knowledge

Wrap Up

  1. Congratulations!
  2. What did you think?

About the Course

Klaviyo's Email Template Editor makes it easy to design great emails and get your recipients excited about your brand. In this course, we'll walk through the basic anatomy of an email from preview text to footer. After that, we'll take a deep dive into the Email Template Editor, going through the settings, tools, and tips and tricks to make your emails shine. We'll finish up with some best practices to make designing emails a breeze. By the end of this course, you'll be able to design beautiful emails in Klaviyo with ease. Let's get started!

About the Instructor

Geanna Flavetta

Geanna Flavetta, Technical Writer

Geanna Flavetta started as a technical writer on the Academy Team during the summer of 2018. She joined Klaviyo after finishing her Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University. When she's not writing and editing for Klaviyo, she's eating all things spicy and adventuring around New England.