Customizing your Analytics Dashboard

Customizing your Analytics Dashboard
Customize your analytics dashboard to display just the metrics you need

Course Outline


  1. Overview of this course
  2. Prerequisite - Is there data inside of your account?

Digging in to the Dashboard

  1. Dashboard Basics
  2. Prebuilt Dashboard Views
  3. Creating a Custom View
  4. Analytics Dashboard Best Practices
  5. Knowledge Check


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About the Course

Klaviyo's customizable analytics dashboard allows you to create customized views of just the metrics you need. In this course we'll cover everything about the dashboard, from the basics all the way through to creating custom views.

Whether you've got specific reporting needs that require a custom view, or if you're just trying to get a leg up on understanding your data, this course shows you how.

About the Instructor

Kevin Lamenzo

Kevin Lamenzo, Technically a writer

Kevin's been writing technical documentation for the past 5 years, and before that, he was an English teacher in South Korea. He has a history of video gaming, but these days you're most likely to find him playing the role of dad and hanging out with his family.