Getting Started with Flows

Getting Started with Flows
Get started with email automation in Klaviyo

Course Outline


  1. Welcome to the course

Overview of Flows

  1. What are flows and why are they important?
  2. Check your knowledge - What and Why of Flows

Tour of the Flow Builder

  1. Get Started with the Flow Library
  2. Tour the flow builder
  3. Check your knowledge - Flow Library and Builder

Building out some example flows

  1. Building an Abandoned Cart Flow
  2. Building a Welcome Series Flow
  3. Check your knowledge - Abandoned Cart and Welcome Series

Evaluating your Flows

  1. Metrics to measure success with flows
  2. Check your knowledge - Flows Analytics

Wrap up

  1. Congratulations
  2. Additional Resources
  3. What did you think?
  4. Quiz Milestone

About the Course

In this course we show you everything you need to go from zero to sending with Klaviyo Flows. We'll cover the basics, what flows are, and why they are important. Then we'll move into the flow library, a world of ideas where you can get started. To wrap things up, we'll tour the flow builder, then build out a few of the most common flows together.

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About the Instructor

Kevin Lamenzo

Kevin Lamenzo, Technically a writer

Kevin's been writing technical documentation for the past 5 years, and before that, he was an English teacher in South Korea. He has a history of video gaming, but these days you're most likely to find him playing the role of dad and hanging out with his family.