Product Certification

Product Certification

The Product Certification helps you get the most out of Klaviyo so that you feel empowered to own your destiny and grow your brand.

About the Klaviyo Product Certification

This free certification is designed to help you understand how to use Klaviyo effectively and efficiently. You'll hear best practices from Klaviyo experts, tips and tricks for using Klaviyo, and how you can stand out from the pack with targeted messages that deliver a personalized experience for each of your fans. By the end, you should feel confident that you can use Klaviyo to achieve your business goals. 

In this certification, we'll cover:

  • What Klaviyo is
  • The types of messages and experiences you can create for customers
  • Creating personalized messages with data from across your tech stack
  • How to evaluate your performance in Klaviyo and take strategic next steps

Take this certification if: 

  • You are interested in Klaviyo and how to use it effectively and efficiently 
  • You are familiar with Klaviyo and want to validate your expertise
  • You are a marketer looking to widen your skillset

Certification details:

  • 7 Courses
  • 1:45 Hours
  • Certification Exam